EHIS welcomes the opportunity to enter into partnerships with international bodies to exchange experiences and with healthcare organisations to support the concept of health informatics deployment and adoption. EHIS also cooperates with healthcare vendors to enhance the development of healthcare informatics. Contact us

Technology partner:

Orion Health
Orion Health is a global healthcare technology company advancing population health and Precision Medicine solutions for personalised care across the entire health community.

Hundreds of thousands of clinicians in over 17 countries use our products every day to improve clinical workflow, decision-making and patient care for the more than 100 million patients in our systems.

Our award winning health specific software provides an open platform that seamlessly integrates local, regional, and national data, making it more readily available to doctors, nurses, specialists and patients themselves. We offer a full-service solution, right from backend system integration, through to a complete end-to-end automated hospital platform and stretching seamlessly out into the community with big data, analytics, engagement and coordination tools enabling effective health management across huge populations.
We are building thinking software for life - a suite of applications, built on new generation technology, that will give everyone healthier, happier and longer lives.

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