About EHIS

Who we are

The Emirates Health Informatics Society (EHIS) is based in Dubai. It was launched on the 21st of September 2014 as a specialised unit under the umbrella of the Emirates Medical Association.

Our purpose

To support the UAE’s health leadership initiatives.

Our mission

Is to operate on the principle of partnership with government and private health care institutions and to contribute effectively to the transition to digital health by promoting the concept of health informatics and scientific research.

Our strategic objectives
  • Contribute to the development a National UAE Health Informatics Strategy
  • Develop the National Health Informatics Workforce
  • Develop Adoption Models and Benchmarks for Health Informatics Implementations & Initiatives
  • Establish Innovation Labs for Health Informatics

Our scientific goals
  • Encourage scientific research in the field of health informatics

  • Facilitate networking among the members of the society and the development of their professional performance
  • Provide scientific advice in the field of consulting for government and private
  • Develop standards and quality controls, especially for the development of health information systems
  • Facilitate the exchange of scientific ideas and research within and outside the UAE
  • Support the development of applications of health informatics in therapeutic, research and e-learning
  • Create an intelligent platform to incubate health informatics innovations in the UAE


EHIS welcomes the opportunity to enter into partnerships with international bodies to exchange experiences and with healthcare organisations to support the concept of health informatics deployment and adoption. EHIS also cooperates with healthcare vendors to enhance the development of healthcare informatics. Contact us

Founding committee members

Dr. Mohammad Al Redha
Chairman, Emirates Health Informatics Society, Director of the Executive Office for Organization Transformation & Director of HDIAD,
 Dubai Health Authority

Dr. Osama El Hassan
Vice-Chairman, Emirates Health Informatics Society, Head of eHealth *HDIAD Dubai Health Authority

Dr. Jassem
Secretary, Emirates Health Informatics Society Group Health Informatics Director SEHA Abu Dhabi

Dr. Yaser Hussein Abuhajjaj
Health Informatics Expert, Ministry of Health & Prevention, Scientific Committee Chairperson

Scientific Committee Chairperson, Emirates Health Informatics Society Senior Clinical Coordinator Acting Head of Health Informatics Unit Rashid Hospital, UAE

Dr. Puspa Ramasamy
Social Committee Chairperson Medical Informatics Officer, Department of Information Technology, American Hospital Dubai,HDIAD stands for Health Data & Information Analysis Dept.

*HDIAD stands for Health Data & Information Analysis Dept.

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